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BROCKO has been painting and involved in the art community since childhood. Only the past 15 years has the airbrush become his main tool of expression. Finding a fine line between realism and fantasy a large amount of BROCKO's artwork is based on influences that aren't necessarily from the 'art' community.

Music is a huge influence on the style of artwork that BROCKO produces. Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Frank Zappa and Primus are a few of the groups that slowly eat away at the artist brain stem while he paints. (You'll be able to find a full list of music and other useless stuff in the 'links' area of the site)

At this time 90% of BROCKO's work is customer commissions. He is currently working on several canvas pieces to be displayed at the studio and possible gallery showings. (Stay tuned for more updates pertaining to that!!) Working through many areas of the art community has given BROCKO a chance to widen his exposure to many different styles of art from the masters to current graffiti artists. Taking techniques from each of these fields BROCKO has made a strong niche for himself in the motorcycle art community as well as fine art and personal in home wall murals.

BROCKO is currently working with some of the most talented builders in the New England area. If you see a bike with some killer work on it, its a strong possibility AFD was involved. You make the call! Check out the Gallery and if you don't like what you see, PLEASE find someone else!! AFD wants you to be proud of your paint! If you don't like the quality and pricing of our art, find something that will make you happy! AFD is confident that you won't be disappointed! We're waiting for your call or e-mail.